About Me


Read Dana Gerber's feature about me and my Butterflies Series

in Boston Magazine's Boston Home (Spring 2020)

I am a Londoner living in Boston. While I have been here for 20 years, and have now become a U.S. citizen, I still bring an outsider's eye to American life.  

My formal art training began at the Wimbledon Art School in London, followed by four years at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel's national school of art.


I try to create works that are both beautiful and thought provoking. The themes I explore are often - though not always - inspired by cultural currents.

My work includes monotype series with subjects drawn from a range of topical and historical themes, including Narcissus, Nike (the Greek goddess of Victory), Empire, which I view as a cultural nexus between Russia and America, which entails both the embrace and fear of difference, and Border Lines, which reflects on the cruelty of the intentional separation of families crossing the southern U.S. border.  In contrast, my Dance & Movement series explores the beauty and ephemera of movement, from the effortless play and dance of leaves, to the lithe elegance and gestural grace of ballet. 


In my Butterflies series, I examine the intricate, fragile glory of butterflies, creatures threatened by climate change, which are plain in youth, beautiful in old age, and fly carefree across every man-made border.


My Breathing Fire series reflects my concerns about the fires - both in nature and society - that threaten our future, exploring how climate change both underlies and amplifies the uncertainty and distress we feel about the present, despite the opportunity we have to change things for the better.  


The images in the series Dogs and Children Don't See Color express my reaction to racist violence and injustice, drawing inspiration from the non-judgmental innocence of dogs and children, which offers hope for a kinder, more just society.  


Love Eternal, one of the series I created during the ongoing global pandemic, conveys my belief that, for many, love has emerged as an enduring and motivating force that helps us more clearly and deeply appreciate life and one another.

In my latest series, Amazing Grace: Precious Wings, I have used images of brightly colored Amazonian birds on the wing to convey the spirit of liberation, love, hope, redemption and rebirth embodied in these magnificent creatures, which are threatened by deforestation and climate change.